How To Use the Number One Key to Relieve Your Anxiety

anxiety-number-one-keyDo you suffer from ANY form of anxiety in ANY area of your life?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by those anxiety symptoms?

Do you experience debilitating physical anxiety symptoms such as;
• dry mouth,
• disrupted or shallow breathing,
• panic,
• fear,
• sweating,
• shaking,
• feeling frozen like a rabbit in the headlight glare
• and more..?

If so, you might be interested in the number one key that can help you to rapidly relieve any anxiety issue.

Whilst this particular key will certainly work with every single anxiety issue out there and every form of anxiety, I’m not saying it’s easy to immediately employ or apply.

But don’t worry – it’s not that difficult either.

Without it, you will never, ever be free of anxiety symptoms. So it’s worth listening.

Knowing something about this key and how and why it works will start you on the path to relieving your anxiety symptoms.

And we’ll come to that key in just a moment.

First I’d like to test your observation of nature.

Have you ever noticed the behavior of a satisfied cat?

What is the most compelling feature of its behavior?

Cats are total experts in using this number one key instinctively. Just as we used to be when we were little children.

So what is this number one key as used so adeptly by cats and children?

It is a skill we are all born with. We just lose it as we grow.

It is the ability to RELAX.

Plain and simple. Straightforward. No nonsense.

Being able to relax is the number one key to resolving all anxiety issues and just about most other life issues too.

Now before you go off on one and complain that you can’t possibly relax, I’ve a couple of tips to help.


7 Tips to Using the Number One Key


1 Don’t ignore the basic simplicity of the number one key.

2 Don’t say, “I know that’s the key, it’s obvious.” Because if it was truly obvious, you’d be doing it. And in the right way for you. And this “I know,” attitude is what will instantly kill your ability to do it.

3 Do stop everything now for a moment, if it’s safe – and practice this next step for just a couple of moments.

4 Get ‘floppy’ in your body right now. Let everything go.

5 Take a deep breath.

6 Say the word “Relaxxxxxxxxx” to yourself –  let the “x” continue to the end of your breath so it makes a soft ‘hiss.’

7 Keep repeating this technique whenever you feel like it and check your relaxation levels often.

Relaxation is THE number one key to living a life anxiety-free. Check later posts to discover why.



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